HedgeHog Calendar

Baby Hedgehog drinking Esbilac Milk (not Cows milk!)
This is Esbilac Milk for Hedgehogs!
Month Activity
January Hibernating
February Hibernating but reserves have gone.
March Some hogs awake, especially in mild winters.
April Now active; they replenish body reserves.
May Courtship and mating occur.
June Babies Born. They remain in the nest.
July Mother and babies leave nest together.
August Young leave their nest and become independent. If you have hedgehogs in your garden you can help by leaving cat meat (not fish varieties) and water out for them. Do not leave milk.
September Late litters may produce autumn orphans unable to cope with winter weather so will need to be over wintered by carers.
October Winter nests are built and fat deposits supplemented.
November Most hogs have now began to hibernate although as winters get milder these days, some hogs do not hibernate but do need support of food and unfrozen water left for them.
December Hibernating but may occasionally awake for food.