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Member Contact
Wendy 01785 747683 Stafford area
  07769 279257
Charlotte 07976 053702
Denny 07403 572116 Newcastle-Under-Lyme area
Carol 01827 701219 Tamworth area
  07946 076474

We understand you might not like using the form and we do apologise, however the spam that's received from putting an email address on a website can be phenomenal!

Please be assured that we will do our absolute upmost to reply swiftly, and that you are emailing a human by clicking send, not an automated system!

NOTE: Email should be used for none urgent enquiries. If you are unsure whether to call, please call us anyway. It could be the difference between life and death and we always love a chat anyway!

Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue are passionate about protecting wildlife.
Passionate about Protecting Wildlife
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