Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue

Garden Bird and Hedgehog Rescue are a small wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release organisation based in Staffordshire and West Midlands. We undertake hedgehog rescue and care, and also wild bird rescue and are passionate about caring for wildlife in general. At the moment it is run by Wendy with the help of other volunteers.

Collection Stand at Pets at Home (Left to Right: Alan, Wendy)
Collection Stand at Pets at Home

I worked at The British Wildlife Rescue Centre for 5 years, and enjoyed every moment.It is great to see sick or injured animals returned to the wild in a healthy state after rescue. The time came, however, when I could no longer go to the centre and so after a few months of missing the work decided to set up Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue at home in Staffordshire. I have a heated shed and rehabilitation area. We also have heat pads for baby Hedgehogs and ill animals.

We have a release pen for hedgehogs which allows us to do a soft release for them, whereby they are free to come and go as they please with the knowledge that food and water is always available. We also have cages for birds and a bird release pen as an intermediate stage for final release.

Snuffly the Rescued Hedgehog
Snuffly the Rescued Hedgehog

After working from home for a while, I found I was getting a little overcrowded and so passed on rescued hedgehogs to Alan who picked up things very quickly during training. So now we are both in full swing and with the extra space at Alan's (and other volunteers) we hope to be able to help more animals.

We work closely with local vets who are very supportive, and as we are a small concern the animals get one to one attention. We have a good release success rate and in the future hope to expand this service to other local areas. All members are sent on courses to improve knowledge.

We are always very grateful of any donations, as vets bills and food can be very expensive (one tin of powdered milk for baby hogs is £40).

Unfortunately, we are unable to collect animals
We're Very Easy to Contact! If you've found injured or orphaned wildlife, please call!
Member Contact
Wendy 01785 747683 Stafford area
  07769 279257
Charlotte 07976 053702
Denny 07403 572116 Newcastle-Under-Lyme area

Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue works in co-operation with local vets, for which we are very grateful. We also rely on public donations with the remaining costs coming from our own pockets. All donations are gratefully received and can be made easily using cheque.

Alternatively, we can accept donations via paypal. All donations are gratefully received and will make a difference to animal lives. All money will go directly to the care of the animals we rescue - so none is lost to administration.

Thank you for caring

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